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  • 者,以天下为己任
    Bearer takes the fall and rise of the world as the own duty.
    Yang's is the first to work hard to return the nation with industry
    and prosper the fruit industry.
    杨氏果业 中国水果产业领跑者
    Yang's Fruits一the Leader of China's Fruit Industry

    杨氏果业董事长 杨灿伟
    Established in 1983,Yang's Fruits is one of the pioneers in China's fruit industry. It is also one of its biggest and most professionally run.Its growth began during the opening up and economic reform period in China.Later,it answered the country's call to push for the industrialization of the agriculture sector,ceaselessly exploring all means for the fruit industry of China to industrialize and become an internationally known brand.
    Yang's Fruit has remained a pioneer and leader in China's fruit industry over the years-in 1996,it imported the most advanced technology from Australia;in 2012 it set up one of the largest and most technology advanced citrus processing plants in Asia.Its modern fruit processing and packaging production line is fully automated to clean,sterilize,grade by photoelectric and ultraviolet rays,box and bag.The output for fresh fruit processing is 400 tons per hour which is making a big stride in the industrialization of the agriculture sector.Yang's Fruits has also set the standards for the sector in terms of quality-the safety and freshness of each and every fruit is secured with the most advanced monitoring and tracking system.
    Yang's Fruit is the first in the sector to establish an operating strategy based on branding principles ,building an independent and globally known fruit brand upholding the principles of "safety,standardized,culture,service".It is also the first to establish a sales and service network for international markets in Hong Kong,North America,Southeast Asia,the Middle East,etc.For 30 years,Yang's Fruits has remained the best-selling brand in more than 20 countries and regions.
    After 30 years of development,Yang's Fruits has become a leader in the modern agriculture sector with business interets in cultivation,acquisition, processing, packaging, warehousing, logistics, sales, importing and exporting.For 30 years,Yang's Fruits has remained steadfast in its ambitions in the fruit industry,staying the course as the leader of the sector and determined to realize the dream of growing the fruit industry of China strength to strength.
    领导关怀 助力成长
    The Support of Leaders Has Helped Yang's Fruit Grow
    Over the last 30 years,the leader of the Party and Republic have always shown support to Yang's Fruits.
    Their positive appraisal and affirmationas to the importance of the role that Yang's Fruits play in the industrialization of the agriculture sector have acted to spur the rank and file.
    Our mission is to realize our dream of industrializing the agriculture sector.For 30 years,we have ploughed forward toward our dream to become a leader in the fruit industry.
    For 30 years,our vision has guided us to make the building of our brand our core business so as to establish a fruit business of international standards.
    For 30 years,we dared travel where others feared,leading the way for China's fruit industry to make its presence felt in the international markets.
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